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Founded and established in 1999 by Charles Debrah, the current CEO, Itema Limited has gradually grown to become an established player and contributor to the development of the Mining Industry in Ghana and the West African sub-region. Itema Limited has forged partnerships with some of the worlds biggest mining multinationals over the years and acts as sole local agents on their behalf in the sub region. Itema has also undertaken several projects in the last decade including equipment supply, installation and consultancy projects.



As a customer focused company, Itema aims at thoroughly satisfying customers and leaving them happy because we believe our part is crucial in the overall success of Mining wherever we find ourselves. As such consumers are always happy to do business with us.

"The Hiab crane Installation done by Itema Limited was one of the best I have seen nationwide"... Silver Star Auto, Accra

"The Ahafo Tailings Dam is a benefit to the nation at large. An excellent work done by Newmont supervised by Itema Limited" (Itema supervised and supplied geomembrane)... Ahafo Project Supervisor, Kenyasi

"Itema and Tecman built and supplied pedestal booms to the Chirano mine. Quality and efficient work from the local agents of Tecman"... Kinross Mine Supervisor, Chirano


Tecman Pedestal Boom Installation


Tecman Pedestal Boom Installation


HIAB Crane Installation


Ahafo Tailings Dam


Syama Mine Liner Installation


Syama Mine Liner Installation



Itema Limited...a customer focused company