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At Itema, we pride ourselves in offering world class and individual solutions to all mining and industrial problems.

We believe each customer has unique needs so we ensure we provide the right tools. This is reflected in our motto of being a customer focused company.



quality and efficiency


We know the importance of being efficient and productive at all times. We don't just supply based on your enquiries, we make sure they would do the expected!

With over a decade of experience in the mining industry, we understand the need for the right tools at the right place at the right time.

We focus our resources and energies on ensuring that only the absolute best ever reaches our cherished customers!



international supply partners




distibutors and suppliers

We are the sole local distributors and agents for many of the industry's most popular machines and equipment.

We offer extensive services including but not limited to scheduled servicing and maintenance of machines, supply of original parts, commissioning and inspection of equipment.



services and solutions

Itema offers extensive advice on the local mining industry and provides consultancy services for foreign and local investors alike.

Whether it's building a new plant, refurbishing a part of your mining plant or simply making future plans, Itema offers the best in the industry!

With increasing competition, let Itema help make your next project a safe and successful one.

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Suppliers and Distributors of World-Class Mining and Industrial Equipment in Ghana and the sub-region

HIAB cranes? TECMAN pedestal booms? MONTABERT bucket crushers? CRABTREE electricals? Mining Engineering and Consultancy? Mining Solutions?

Dealers in All things Mining

All in Ghana, West Africa and beyond?

With over a decade of experience in the industry, YOU ASK and WE DELIVER!

Itema Limited...a customer focused company